Therapeutic Bath Salts

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KNEIPP Mineral Bath Salts contain salt crystals that are generated from salt water that is pumped up 460 meters from an underground sea in Germany. The water is boiled off using Europe’s last existing traditional pan method and the remaining salt is then infused with Essential oils.

KNEIPP Mineral Bath Salts are alkaline free, preservative free, dermatologist tested, bathtub friendly and skin friendly. Activated by hot water, Bath Salts help build resistance to daily aggressions, exfoliate, tone and increase elasticity of the skin.

KNEIPP quality guarantee

  • NO paraffin, silicone and mineral oils
  • NO preservatives (e.g. parabens)
  • NO animal-derived ingredients
  • NO material with a high sensitization potential
  • Skin compatibility as shown through double testing results for efficacy and usage
  • Developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists
  • Plant – derived active ingredients


Devil’s Claw: Back Comfort

A traditional home remedy that is soothing and relaxing for an aching back, tension in the shoulders or neck and headaches.

Spruce & Pine: Warmth & Energy

Renews energy and warms the body, especially when suffering from cold hands and feet. Spruce opens the airways and helps with chest congestion, while Pine is stimulating when feeling sluggish.

Red Poppy & Hemp: Pure Bliss

Take the edge off and improve your mood. Red Poppy ease agitation and acts as a mental sedative, while Hemp lets your mind float to a serene place.

Mandarin & Orange: Stress Free

Ease tension, stress and calm anxiety. Mandarin opens the mind, allowing you to think clearly, while Orange calms the nerves and uplifts the spirit..

May Chang & Lemon: Enjoy Life

A dose of “Joie de Vivre” in your life! Lemon awakens and stimulates the body and mind, while May Chang uplifts for a happy mood.

Lavender: Balancing

Calms nervousness and provides mental and physical stability, which also improves the duration and quality of sleep.

Arnica: Joint & Muscle Relief

Ease tension, stress and calm anxiety. Mandarin opens the mind, allowing you to think clearly, while Orange calms the nerves and uplifts the spirit.

Juniper: Muscle Soothing

Nature’s anti-inflammatory and very detoxifying. Relieves muscle tension and stress after exercise or sports. Promotes circulation to aid with symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Jojoba Nut: Skin Revitalizing

An emollient oil that is high in essential fatty acids for soft, smooth and supple skin. Revitalizing for all skin types and perfect for a relaxing massage.

Valerian & Hops: Sweet Dreams

Valerian has been used since medieval times to reduce stress and calm the nerves. Hops is known for its calming qualities, especially at bedtime as a natural sleep aid.

Eucalyptus: Cold season

Nature’s disinfectant. Helps keep your body’s defenses up and helps you breathe easier during cold, flu and allergy season.

Orange & Linden Blossom: Pure Harmony

Uplifting for jangled nerves, emotional ups and downs.